What We Do

Portland Medical Marijuana Evaluations

As a trusted doctor in the local Portland community we focus on the over health of each and every one of our patients. Our promise to you is that we will not only give you a full patient exam but we also specialize in outlining a treatment plan that best fits your needs, based on your ailment.

Once you’ve completed the medical marijuana evaluation process, we will then help walk you through the rest of the process that involves filling out all the state legal forms. If your a resident in Oregon and your currently utilizing state financial aid programs such as SSI or on food stamps then you would qualify for a discounted price.

Oregon Marijuana Patient Program

After you have completed the entire Oregon medical marijuana program and you’ve received your Oregon medical marijuana card in the mail from the state, you will then be able to located your medicine at a provider nearest you. In order to find a local Oregon provider also known as an “Oregon dispensary” then please feel free to visit PotLocator.com